El Pedró Restaurant Pals Costa Brava Girona
El Pedró Restaurant Pals Costa Brava Girona

The spring of 1973, during the remodelling of the village, its streets and different areas of the old town center, two neighbours from Pals were having a conversation on the jobs done and the result they would have once they are fulfilled, expecting lots of visitants and tourist willing to enjoy those streets.

Those two people were the current Major of Pals Mr. Pere Servià, and my father-in-law Mr. Josep Sicars. The first proposed to the second that in a storage house placed under his home with a door at the Placeta d’en Bou, they could start a bar to service all those visitors that were to come.
El Pedró de Pals Antic

That’s how by the month of June of this same year they opened the bar, with some beverages and appetizers that were served in a very small space and with the little tables that were outside in the square.

Using the cooking experience from Granny Rosita (Mrs. Rosa Martí), that had had training preparing weddings, baptisms… and hoping to be able to attend the increasing demand of the ‘food serving-industry’ in the village they decided to create a dinning room and also serve meals in the terrace. With a little menu that was composed of homemade and traditional local dishes, with products from my own orchard and corral, and with love and patience, which gave this homemade taste that everybody expects to find.
El Pedró de Pals Antic

From the very first moment, this really good cooker was helped by her daughter-in-law Mrs, Elena Ferragut, who learned from her and also brought in new dishes and ideas that helped the menu to grow, and so did the pleasant of the clients. Over the years, her daughter Mrs. Rosa Maria Sicars took the lead, always supported by her mother, but with lots of new and changing ideas that adapt to the time and taste of the clients.

The establishment gets small, and that’s how over the years my father-in-law bought the house in front of the old restaurant, creating a new one, with more space and better facilities for the clients.

This new one finally opened in 1985.

In this new location we keep serving our clients; some of them have become great friends after 20 years, meeting new ones and remembering old times, celebrations and anecdotes.

All in all, this is the little great story of El Pedró (the name comes from the viewpoint situated behind the church) and three generations dedicated to the food-industry, and trying to leave a good memory of Pals, its cuisine and its people.